Fiango Market Hazard Close To Total Excavation

The Kumba City Council (KCC) has finally jerked into action to
clean up Kumba’s largest undefined cabbage heap at the back wing of
the Fiango market.
This long awaited gesture comes after several city dwellers,
traders, local politicians and civil society activists decried the
impending health and environmental danger that loomed in the area. Out
of negligence, the horrendous bunch of filth accumulated over the past
10years, a snail trader who preferred not to be named said.
Going by critical observation, the improper waste disposed spans from
the back sector of the livestock, area right up to the entrance of a
lay private high school in that locality. The Guardian Post observed
that much of the dirt in the area had been disposed by market users
who have no alternative and inhabitants close to the area who take
advantage of the already bad situation to do away with their cabbage.
The disgusting odour from the dump has been irritating, yet bearable
by traders who appear to be very susceptible!
Whatever the case, the ongoing excavation work has been received
with a great sigh of relief. For some who spoke to this reporter at
the scene, it is an indication that the Government Delegate to KCC,
Ngoh Nkelle Victor, is matching word with action as he is quoted to
have said, “Fiango market will be my priority”.
Contacted on what will become of the area when the excavation work
is completed, Mrs. Epie Josephine, Fiango market mistress, pointed out
that the area will be used as open space for farmers to market their
food stuff.
Speaking to The Guardian Post, Mr. Zinkeng Charles, President of
Fiango Market Traders Association (FIMATA), expressed a lot of
optimism and thanked city council officials for the move. While
calling on FIMATA members to be calm and believe in the executives, he
reiterated their want of an office within the market, security lights
and gates.
Fiango market is Kumba’s second largest market found in kumba II
subdivision, with KCC being the landlord.