Nalova launches shuttle Bus services to replace Taxis on campus

The launching took place on June 9, 2014 and was precided over by the Registrar of the University of Buea, Prof Roland Ndip and one of the personnel in charge of research, cooperation and relations with the business world in the name of Mr Fonge Diffang. This shuttle bus service was launched following the four day strike orchestrated by members of SYNES on May 21st concerning the ban of taxis from entering the University campus. Mrs Sophie Obanofonde who is in charge of these buses remarked that “this bus service will help students and staff, since the transportation is affordable to every one; 50frs fare will be charged on campus and 100frs off campus.



It is therefore crystal clear that the emergence of these buses mark the end of taxis circulating the campus: With this the Vice chancellor believes that students’ safety and security will be guaranteed as issues of abduction, kidnap, and disruption during exams will be void.

Following the last council session on March 20, Prof Nalova Lyonga asserted that initial pick up and drop off points in and off campus will include, Check point, Molyko, Malingo junction, Faculty health sciences Bomaka, mile seventeen round about, central administration round about, first gate UB corridor, car park library, entrance to classroom block and students restaurant.

Main time, both students and lecturers hope for the effective functioning of these buses.



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