Student Journalists of the department of Journalism and Mass Communication University of Buea on Friday 6th June 2014 celebrated the 19th edition of their Open Day at C.N.P.S. hall mile 17, Buea under the theme “The Place of Communication in Entrepreneurship”.
ASJUB Open Day is a day when student journalists of this institution of learning showcase their talents to the public. The Open Day began as usual with a word of prayer, followed by the singing of the National Anthem. This was preceded by a speech from the president of ASJUB Darling Feuju, who began by paying last respects to the late president of N.C.C Bishop Ateba, and called on the staff and students to be hard working in order to move the department to higher heights. The department equally receive five cameras with help fromManka’aTabuwe.
A sketch to portray how hard work leads to success was presented by 200, 300 and 400 level students of JMC. Right after this was a word from Prof EnohTanjong and the Head of Department Che Tita, encouraging students to be more committed in everything they do in their academics and beyond.

Dr CHE TITA and Dr ENOH TANJONG addressing students

Dr CHE TITA and Dr ENOH TANJONG addressing students

Also, the Guest speaker of the day Mrs. Sarah Simo, Corperate and Regulation Director for British America Tobacco for the CEMAC region called on the students to be very inquisitive and find the domain they are good at in order to showcase their talents.
There was also a debate by the students of the department with theme “Would Cameroon be an emerging nation by 2035?” This debate was followed by the unveiling and cutting of the cake. The event ended with the awarding of prizes to the students.


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