Kumba Taxi Drivers Vow Hell To Fraudsters

The president of the Kumba Township Taxi Drivers’
Association-KUTTADRA, Mr. Akongwi Christopher popularly known as
Ajebe, has promised tough times to the city’s con men and unscrupulous
cab drivers who collaborate with them.
Ajebe sounded the warning on Thursday June 5, 2014 during a
press briefing shortly after an elective general assembly that saw him
rising to the most top position of KUTTADRA.
From all indication, the new KUTTADRA boss is poised to
fight fraudsters otherwise known as “4-1-9” or “dealers” who use
yellow-coloured taxis to dupe their victims. Also, the war against
criminality will not just be limited fraudsters, it shall be extended
to bandits who transport their victims in taxis, drug them or
physically harass and then robe them of their property, Ajebe noted.
A keen observer of KUTTADRA activities pointed out that
Ajebe had been very concerned and dedicated much energy to counter the
rising bad phenomenon that taints the image of taxi drivers and Kumba
at large.
In another intervention, Akongwi Christopher expressed fear
that fraudulent cab drivers will be severely sanctioned. His reaction
came against the backdrop of statistics showing that more than 80% of
items forgotten by passengers recently in taxis are never declare at
the secretariat. Ajebe told reporters that stringent measures will be
put in place to recover all missing items.
Another pronouncement that was interrupted by a thunderous
applause was the restitution of night duties and the struggle for taxi
drivers to ply 10km from the city center of Kumba. Here, the new
KUTTADRA chief executive officer received an amplified kudos from his
members, with the wish for him to complete his agenda within the next
two years.
Enter KUTTADRA elections
The KUTTADRA election was organized by an Independent
Supervisory Electoral Commission (ISEC), under the watchful eyes of
the Second Assistant SDO for Meme, Yongkuma Nelson Gamsi.
Prior to the election, ISEC chairman apologized for the
belated election, attributing the 90days delay to a fire accident that
consumed their office at a building in Kumba Town.
In general, four camps had rigorously campaigned for over
300 registered members. And on hand results obtained by this reporter
portrayed as follows: Fombo Peter (28 votes), Besong Aaron (32votes),
Tiah Aleh Kelvin (80votes), and Akongwi Christopher (131 votes). Some
null votes were recorded while other registered members did not take
part in the election.
The election that generated a lot of fireworks was based on
list systems and paved the way for the new executives to have a two
year mandate.
It s worth noting that there are two taxi drivers’ unions in
Meme: Kumba Township Taxi Drivers’ Association (KUTTADRA) and Kumba II
Active Taxi Drivers’ Association (KUMATDRA).


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