Social Workers Rescue Baby From Possessed Mother

Officials of Azi Orphanage in Akale Street, Fiango kumba say they
have saved a wounded baby from the hands of her spiritually possessed
mother last weekend.
The baby girl, aged 6months, arrived the orphanage with some
accident wounds on the head and was accompanied by her biological
mother who left all the way from Nyassoso in Kupe Muanenguba Division.
Unlike other cases were irresponsible mothers abandoned their
babies in hospitals and roadsides, information gotten from the
orphanage indicate that this attempted abandonment was more humane by
a mother of unsound mind.
Mrs. Agnes Azilefack, Directress of Azi Orphanage, told reporters
that the young single mother (names withheld) came to the orphanage
center  with the objective of abandoning the baby. Upon
arrival, Mrs. Azilefack who is an ardent pentecostal christian,
realized she was spiritually possessed and opted for deliverance.
The same source noted that the possessed mother was delivered by a
renowned local pastor in a church at Paradise Street in Kumba. “When
she had been delivered, she confessed that her kingdom wanted her to
kill the child. She was initiated at the age of five and has caused
havoc on so many persons, including the brother whom she made
useless”, Azilefack added.
On hand was the young mother who held an innocent and sorrowful
face after her new found faith in Jesus Christ. She readily confirmed
that for the past years, she has been acting under the manipulation of
spirits. She expressed gratitude to an unknown commercial bike rider
who ferried her to the orphanage, without which he child would have
been deprived of life.
The mother and baby will have to stay for a while at the orphanage
for their spiritual and health situation to be monitored respectively.
Thereafter, the mother will return with the child or leave the child
at the center and return home alone, this reporter gathered.


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