Meme SDO Recognised For Honesty

A recent media award has acknowledged David Koulbout Aman,
Senior Divisional Officer for Meme Division, for his uprightness in
handling administrative matters within his jurisdiction.
The senior civil administrator was honoured by Chifu
Edward’s Vanguard Newspaper, in the category of Vanguard Icon Award
for Professional Integrity. Even though David Koulbout Aman was
unavoidably absent in Bamenda, May 31, 2014 to receive the award, it
was conferred on him last week in his Kumba office.

Meme SDO

Meme SDO

exercised his profession of civil administration with a lot of
prowess, recording negligible flaws.
From this reporter’s diary, David Koulbout Aman appears to
be the first Meme SDO to have a subtle approach in dealing with the
Kumba Bafaw palace. History holds that former SDOs have always find it
difficult in relating with the palace, with the outcome being a
deteriorating relationship.
Also, the incumbent Meme SDO is noted to have rigorously
followed up and managed the construction of the new SDO’s edifice.
Presently, users of the SDO’s services can now feel comfortable in
moving within the office, unlike the old colonial building that is
more of a “juju” house.
In addition, Koulbout carefully managed the last municipal
and parliamentary elections in Meme, with no cases of violence. To
many, it was unheard of, for successive elections particularly in
Kumba have been mired by the infiltration of the administration.
Moreover, the laureate stands as that administrator who has
implemented a weekly security meeting in Meme division. Every Tuesday,
security stakeholders converge at the SDO’s office to fine-tune better
strategies to preserve the most cherished law and order. Again,
Koulbout has kept on campaigning against child labour, drug abuse,
banditry and other forms of criminality.
If there is anything David Koulbout will be remembered for
when he leaves Meme, then it should be his more amicable way of
resolving recurrent chieftaincy disputes within Meme. A case in point
that attracted a lot of admiration for the administrator was the
chieftaincy dispute in Mbonge Marumba. Here, the SDO portrayed human
competence and administrative know-how.
Without selling David Koulbout Aman as an impeccable
administrator, he has left much to be cherished as compared to his

Social Workers Rescue Baby From Possessed Mother

Officials of Azi Orphanage in Akale Street, Fiango kumba say they
have saved a wounded baby from the hands of her spiritually possessed
mother last weekend.
The baby girl, aged 6months, arrived the orphanage with some
accident wounds on the head and was accompanied by her biological
mother who left all the way from Nyassoso in Kupe Muanenguba Division.
Unlike other cases were irresponsible mothers abandoned their
babies in hospitals and roadsides, information gotten from the
orphanage indicate that this attempted abandonment was more humane by
a mother of unsound mind.
Mrs. Agnes Azilefack, Directress of Azi Orphanage, told reporters
that the young single mother (names withheld) came to the orphanage
center  with the objective of abandoning the baby. Upon
arrival, Mrs. Azilefack who is an ardent pentecostal christian,
realized she was spiritually possessed and opted for deliverance.
The same source noted that the possessed mother was delivered by a
renowned local pastor in a church at Paradise Street in Kumba. “When
she had been delivered, she confessed that her kingdom wanted her to
kill the child. She was initiated at the age of five and has caused
havoc on so many persons, including the brother whom she made
useless”, Azilefack added.
On hand was the young mother who held an innocent and sorrowful
face after her new found faith in Jesus Christ. She readily confirmed
that for the past years, she has been acting under the manipulation of
spirits. She expressed gratitude to an unknown commercial bike rider
who ferried her to the orphanage, without which he child would have
been deprived of life.
The mother and baby will have to stay for a while at the orphanage
for their spiritual and health situation to be monitored respectively.
Thereafter, the mother will return with the child or leave the child
at the center and return home alone, this reporter gathered.

Fiango Market Hazard Close To Total Excavation

The Kumba City Council (KCC) has finally jerked into action to
clean up Kumba’s largest undefined cabbage heap at the back wing of
the Fiango market.
This long awaited gesture comes after several city dwellers,
traders, local politicians and civil society activists decried the
impending health and environmental danger that loomed in the area. Out
of negligence, the horrendous bunch of filth accumulated over the past
10years, a snail trader who preferred not to be named said.
Going by critical observation, the improper waste disposed spans from
the back sector of the livestock, area right up to the entrance of a
lay private high school in that locality. The Guardian Post observed
that much of the dirt in the area had been disposed by market users
who have no alternative and inhabitants close to the area who take
advantage of the already bad situation to do away with their cabbage.
The disgusting odour from the dump has been irritating, yet bearable
by traders who appear to be very susceptible!
Whatever the case, the ongoing excavation work has been received
with a great sigh of relief. For some who spoke to this reporter at
the scene, it is an indication that the Government Delegate to KCC,
Ngoh Nkelle Victor, is matching word with action as he is quoted to
have said, “Fiango market will be my priority”.
Contacted on what will become of the area when the excavation work
is completed, Mrs. Epie Josephine, Fiango market mistress, pointed out
that the area will be used as open space for farmers to market their
food stuff.
Speaking to The Guardian Post, Mr. Zinkeng Charles, President of
Fiango Market Traders Association (FIMATA), expressed a lot of
optimism and thanked city council officials for the move. While
calling on FIMATA members to be calm and believe in the executives, he
reiterated their want of an office within the market, security lights
and gates.
Fiango market is Kumba’s second largest market found in kumba II
subdivision, with KCC being the landlord.